Jun 1, 2010

braised sweet potato and cauliflower

Braising the vegetables in tomato puree and orange marmalade certainly gave this dish its flavor profile. Adding the black-eyed peas was a good touch because it balanced out the sweetness of the marmalade with some earthiness of the peas. Overall it was pretty good; very easy to make, too - the whole thing took about 20 minutes. I served it with a hearty whole grain slice of bread.
Maybe not a make-again-please-mommy-dish, but definitely worth making it at least once.


  1. Is there a recipe here?

  2. Yup! I just (Wed. morn.) published it on this post and on the Recipe page. Thank you for asking and for your interest!

  3. Hi there
    Just starting out i really neeeds your help .Please give me ideas for deserts and main meals.

  4. There are almost 40 main meal ideas right here! In fact, almost a whole month's worth. Take a look around and email me about how to cook something. Recipes are on the recipe page as well. But if you don't see something, ask.

    Desserts are easy to convert to veganism; grab a box of Energy Egg Replacer - don't let the cost deter you; it lasts for a loong time. Also, grinding flax seeds in a spice mill, mixing equal parts water with the meal, letting it sit for 3 minutes, and using this as an exact egg per egg replacement (1 egg = 2 T flax seed mixture) gives the same binding in baked goods that eggs do - plus giving Omega-3 fatty acids as well. Milk can be replaced with equal parts for non-dairy milk.

    The best butter replacement is Earth Balance. Use the stick variety for baking, not the tub.

    Let me know what you need specifically.

    Email me at veganaide@yahoo.com

  5. It might not say Mommy make it again but I would say make it again. Yum!

  6. I agree! One day those kids will grow up, too!!


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