Jun 16, 2010

FNF - spicy cherry seitan

I am playing along with Tami's Food Network Friday challenge at Vegan Appetite. She chose Spicy Cherry Ribs to veganize to show the Food Network how easy vegan eating can be. I made a seitan using tofu and gluten which I make when I am trying for a layered seitan - you know, one that when ripped tears in layers. It turned out very tasty, but a little salty, thanks to Guy Fieri's love of salt. I am of the mind that the first time you try a recipe it should be as the cook wrote it. Then you can mess with it, assuming it is good enough to make again. Of course, it did not require the 4 hours of baking. Thank the universe.

I made some creamy cole slaw to accompany it; sort of a quintessential American BBQ. Just not. Better!

Cost Breakdown:
seitan: $3
cherries: $8!
cabbage: $3.50
Veganaise: $1.50
baked beans: $2
onion, garlic, spices: $2
Total to feed a family of 5 an American BBQ:


  1. Tell me about it! $8 for cherries, hence why i haven't bought cherries yet this summer haha
    Looks great and sounds very original

  2. It was really good. Goes to prove, animals are not needed on a plate :)

  3. That looks really good! I would be happy to eat that.

  4. I will post the recipe by the end of the day. Although it was Fieri's recipe, it needs to be tweeked. Not just to veganize it, but I believe he actually made an error. And I'm going to try to cut the cost a bit.

    Thank you!

  5. I can't wait to try your tofu seitan recipe. Fantastic job. I find Guy's recipe writing skills a little lacking, but I love his show.

  6. Silly question. Can this be done w/o a bread machine? If so, how long should it be kneaded?

  7. Welcome to the world of FNF. I used jarred cherries since the English ones don't seem to be available yet. I do hope you keep playing!

  8. Veg-in-Training, thank you so much. Yes, you can knead by hand or another machine. The beauty of a bread machine (and I recommend you search garage sales for one. You can also make bread with it :) is that you can leave it for an hour to knead and rest, knead and rest. So if you are doing it by hand, knead for maybe five minutes and rest for 30 minutes to let the gluten relax. Repeat once or twice to get the gluten to be homogeneous and not lumpy. I am making a video to demo what the gluten will look like. When I first became vegan I had no idea what the stuff was supposed to look like and it was frustrating.


    veganefcliz, thank you for the warm welcome. It was too much fun to stop playing now!

    You did a fabulous job on your challenge. That is thinking really outside the box!

  9. yes bt i read the packaging of the yeast it says on the ingredients one of the ingredients is food grade emulsifier? is that vegan and if not what if the yeast that the baker that where i live uses it to make bagueets cause i buy their bread all the time


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