Jun 23, 2010

baked pasta with rapini and shitaki

As I was perusing the Food Network for research, I came across an Ina Garten recipe for baked pasta. She used 6 T of butter, 3 c of cream and several different varieties of cheeses. Except for the quantity of fat and cholesterol, the dish sounded good. Veganizing it was easy and cutting the fat was a breeze. The dish doesn't really look that photogenic, but it is fabulous! Crunchy on the top because the pasta was baked for 10 minutes, but creamy on the inside. So good.

 I subbed whole wheat pasta for the macaroni, used rapini instead of radicchio as well as switching everything out but the sage and shitaki. The kids thought the rapini was too bitter (nothing new there), although ate pretty much everything else. Whatever wasn't eaten by the kids was taken care of by David who volunteered to be the human food-disposal tonight.

Cost Breakdown:
cashews and Earth Balance: $2
rapini: $3
shitaki: $3
pasta: $3
sage: $1
nutritional yeast, Follow/Heart, Daiya: $4
Total to feed a family of 5 + Dad's lunch:
(Food TV recipes tend to be expensive, it seems.)


  1. Wild looking pasta. I enjoyed looking through some of your posts. I like how you provide your followers with a money breakdown and a rating of your meals.

  2. man that recipe looks like a winner! Its still not too bad considering its vegan and 16/6 =2.60 ish per head?

  3. Thank you very much! The pasta was really good. Some bitterness, some creaminess, some crunchiness. It is pretty wild. The rating of the food is a family consensus - sometimes the kids eek toward the Dark Side - give a too low rating, so consider that when you are looking at the ratings.

    Thanks for visiting!

  4. Shree,
    This really was awesome. You're right; considering that it is feeding 6, the price isn't bad. I love math!


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