Jun 7, 2010

pea vine, green garlic and asparagus soup

Who knew pea vines were edible?
My CSA and all the farmers that grow the stuff! The pea vine tastes like ... peas. The box also brought asparagus. At Whole Foods this morning green garlic has finally made a showing. It is mild enough to complement the pea vine and asparagus, so I figured they would be a good combo. And it is Monday and Monday is Soup Night.
It was a phenomenal soup with four measly ingredients:
onion, green garlic, asparagus and pea vine. All three main ingredients were flavorful without being overpowering. The bread slices were just sprayed with a little olive oil and when toasted, I rubbed them with the bulb end of a green garlic. 

Cost Breakdown:
 onion: $.50
green garlic: $2.50
asparagus: CSA, less than $3
pea vine: CSA, less than $2
whole wheat bread: $2.50

Total to feed a family of 5:



  1. Don't you just love CSA? I am so happy to have found your blog. My husband and I are vegetarians, and we are always looking for great new recipes.

  2. Thank you so much! And, yes, I do love CSA! It is like getting a present every week; my kids think I'm a little nutty being so excited over vegetables.

    If you see anything that does not have a recipe, just ask. I try to write up what I think people might like, but I miss some.

  3. I didn't know pea vine was edible. Thank you for sharing this wonderful and healthy recipe.

  4. Hi Kait,

    I will post this recipe by tomorrow. It was very easy and quick. I think taking the picture took longer :)


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