Jun 16, 2010

corney chili dog

Kate made the meal today. She wanted chili and she added corn because she loves corn. Hence, Corney Chili Dogs. The chili is mildly spicy, topped over a grilled veggie dog. Nothing too complicated here; even the chili was ready in a half hour. Because chili gets better with age, like I do, Dad's lunch tomorrow will be better than ours. 

Cost Breakdown:
 package of veg dogs: $3.50
1/2 package of buns: $1.50
Batch of Chili (freezing half)
TVP and beans: $3
onion, pepper, garlic, spices: $3
corn: $1
green salad: $3
 Total to feed a family of 5:
(Half of the cost of the chili.)

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