Jun 19, 2010

fried vegan omelet sandwich

RECIPE UPDATE: this recipe has been tested and revised and will be featured in the upcoming cookbook "Everyday Vegan Eats," by Zsu Dever.

One of my fondest food memories is my mom making fried egg sandwiches. She'd put mayo, raw onion slivers and tomatoes on them. Childhood memories. In fact, food wise, that is one of my hubby's favorite recollections as well. Raising second-generation vegans (yes!) means that I, too, am laying the foundation for their comfort foods. 

Cat and Kate have loved our 'omelets' since we have been vegan - almost nine years now. We've improved it over the years, but one thing remains the same: Cat eats it with just ketchup and Kate likes it in a sandwich with veganaise. David loves it, too, although he thinks it stands on its own. 

I named it what I did because it had to be called something; if I called it a 'fried tofu' sandwich, something completely different comes to mind. If I said 'fried "egg" sandwich', I'd have been very misleading: there is no yolk to break.

In any case, if you are fond of the 'egg' flavor, add some black salt (Kala Namak) , otherwise stick to our family's tradition: veganaise, slivers of red onion and tomato slices.
 Comforting, delicious food. 

Cost Breakdown:
2 tofu: $4
nutritional yeast: $1
bread: $2
onion, tomato, flour, rice milk: $2
veganaise: $.50

Total to feed a family of 5:




  1. Is there a recipe available? :)

  2. I've been enjoying the vegan omelet sandwiches this week, with various sandwich fixings. So far, my favorite addition is the chickpea bacon from Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day.


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