Jun 2, 2010

root vegetable shepherd's pie with whipped parsnip-potato

European Night

Is it just my kids or do all kids and root vegetables not get along? Is it something in their genes?? Hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed this variation of Shepherd's Pie, with sweet potatoes, adzuki beans, turnips, carrots and peas, but the kids...well, didn't. I bet they will when they get older. I've learned that children actually are very sensitive to certain taste profiles, especially bitter. My job, as I see it, is to keep exposing their juvenile taste buds to different flavors, and let them figure it out later.

Mission accomplished tonight.


  1. Thank you, Vegan Tickles! Give it a try. Sadly, it was a little too sophisticated for my kids.

  2. love love love parsnips! OMG! They are sooo tasty! and into the Shepards Pie? Who knew!

  3. I have to agree! I keep trying to sneek it into recipes whenever they are in my CSA box. To no avail, however; my kids must have a parsnip detector...and a butternut squash detector...and a kale detector....

    Hubby and I loved the flavor in the Pie. As an added ingredient it worked beautifully (of course, I would have gone 100% parsnips - I would just have to watch the amount of liquid added to whip them since parsnip does not have as much starch as do the potatoes to soak up the liquid).

    Thanks for the comment!


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