Jun 20, 2010


Happy Father's Day! David chose Benedict for his Father's Day lunch. He feels just awful that I have to blog about something we've so recently eaten, but I think he's getting over it :)
Needless to say, we love Benedict. I used to make Eggs Benedict only on special occasions, since it required so much butter and so many eggs. Now we make it once  a month or so. It is almost all soy, but then Eggs Benedict is almost all eggs.

Update: I have not been able to confirm that black salt is not sodium. In fact, there is dispute on the web since no one has done a chemical analysis on kala namak. Although in India it is used at times for medicinal purposes (as most Indian spices are), there is considerable debate regarding the chloride content. To be on the safe side, treat black salt as regular salt and go easy.

Cost Breakdown:
Veganaise: $1
Earth Balance, almond milk: $ .50
tofu: $2
English muffin: $2.50
Soy protein: $3
Nutritional yeast and spices: $2
Total for 12 Benedicts:


  1. So do we! It's pretty easy to make, too. Or is that because I feel like I've made it a zillion times :)

  2. Yummy! Would not change a thing. Made for dinner and this was a big hit.
    Thanks for sharing and creating!
    Looking forward to trying the McMuffins next...

  3. Exciting! Since we love this so much I am thrilled that you enjoyed it, too. Sometimes I think we have it so often that we are too used to it and are no longer impartial. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts again :)

    Much, much appreciated!


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